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Another side of no-code.

Limitations and how to deal with them

No-code “coding” is a relatively new concept in digital development that’s rapidly gaining popularity. Many people are cautious when it comes to trying something new, preferring to stick with tried and trusted methods – like coding. And they’ve got a point: competent coding is always the win-win option. But, when development speed is what you need, no-code works just fine.

Everyone’s talking about the pros of no-code/low-code tools – faster and cheaper development, the user-friendly learning curve, easy to adjust and maintain. However, in the course of our work, we’ve come across a couple of “nuances” you need to know about, so let’s take a closer look.

Lack of control can pose several security and reliability risks

You never know for sure whether or not the platform is reliably built. The components are written by third-party organizations, which immediately puts the safety of any app in question. Another major issue is the novelty of the no-code market – it’s not yet well established. Every day, fly-by-night companies set themselves too high a bar and then disappear without a trace, taking your data with them if you’re not very careful.

The solution? Choose trusted platforms or carefully vet the ones you’ve never heard of. And remember: our experts are always here to help you make the final choice. undefined

And what about integrating no-code tools with other systems?

Well, currently, you can only do it in the most common use cases. In essence, most no-code services are POCs, or else they’re tailored for things like scaling or integration. Some services will sell you a missing functionality. Alternatively, you can write your own piece of code to interact with the application. But in this case, you’ll need the help of a coder (or spend time acquiring coding skills if you want to write it yourself). undefined

Is it true that no-code tools offer limited options?

This is what lowers the bar for these types of services and allows them to bang out the minimum volume of features. Functionality-wise, apps built with no-code tools will always be more primitive than “yes-code” apps. Every feature must be lovingly wrapped in UI; so, sadly, sacrifices are inevitable.

This can be clearly seen, for example, in custom design creation. Many no-code platforms don’t have enough functionality to implement complex custom designs. On the plus side, no-code tools provide a real opportunity to make simple, convenient, adaptive layouts for different screen sizes and different platforms (devices).

So what are the solutions for design issues? For one thing, you might rethink your attitude to the look of your digital product and make some minor concessions (after all, minimalism is the big thing these days). Or, then again, you could try and add some code of your own. undefined

Where is the happy medium?

No-code tools are great! No, seriously! They’re flexible, powerful, and versatile. With their help, you can build tons of digital projects: from simple landing pages to complex multifunctional platforms.

What do you do when faced with platform-specific limitations? If there’s something the service can’t do, it is easier to find a more complex one, but with more features. Or, you can have a go at creating plugins, but you’ll need to know some code or know someone who knows some. With no-code tools, you’re code-free (well, relatively free – as we found out), but, paradoxically, it’s the code that gives you more freedom because you’re not limited by the functionality of a particular platform.

Processica’s approach is to use no-code tools and minimal coding

undefined Both methods work beautifully together, complementing each other and highlighting the benefits. No-code significantly accelerates development, while coding adds the missing pieces, bringing the final product to perfection.

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