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How to properly allocate IT resources during a pandemic?

For businesses everywhere, 2020 was a crucial turning point – paralyzed by global quarantine, firms had no choice but to adapt to the circumstances. Most offices have switched to remote working, and for many, this form of cooperation has turned out to be preferable to the traditional one. What’s more, quarantine conditions have created great opportunities for the development of a particular way of working known as outstaffing. Read on to find out why it’s so appealing.

Outstaffing is a hiring model in which a third-party contractor provides a dedicated team of IT professionals to work remotely on a client's IT project. This is no novelty on the market, but a rapidly expanding phenomenon with a lot of advantages, so it's hardly surprising.


High-quality results

With a specialist team committed exclusively to your project, you have better control. The developers immerse themselves in every aspect of the venture, free from day-to-day distractions. The recruiting process is also more reliable – you get to choose the employees yourself, so you won't get a pig in a poke. Instead, you select a team with the talents your project requires.

Cost reduction

In-house departments tend to be a costly luxury. This applies not only to renting an office but also to maintenance. With an outstaffed team, these issues don’t arise, since your employees can work from anywhere in the world. And when you don’t have maintenance to pay, you can afford to plough the money back into developing and expanding your business.

Minimizing risk

As a customer, you have very few operational issues to concern you – the service provider sees to that along with your shared legal responsibilities – all the more reason for ensuring a successful conclusion to the project.

Work flexibility

Outstaffing makes it super easy for a business to scale – you can freely expand or reduce your team depending on the current needs of your project.

Outstaffing is an effective cooperation model that fits perfectly with the realities of modern-day business. However, there’s always the slight risk of running into an unscrupulous team, offering low-quality services. How to be on the safe side? Take the time to scrutinize the service provider – check portfolios, find feedback from partners, and read agreements carefully before signing them.

Why should you pay attention to Processica? As a team, we’ve been working on the markets for more than ten years, never tired of developing, of looking for innovative solutions, and completely surrendering ourselves to projects. We are real fans of automation and ardent adherents to minimalism in coding. We love to tackle complex challenges and turn them into user-friendly solutions, helping businesses and people to achieve big goals and facilitate the process. And we do not divide projects into ours and others' – by entrusting your project to us, you can rest assured it’ll be completed efficiently and on time. And we take the same approach when selecting other specialists to work with you.


How can you hire a specialist or a team from us?

The procedure is quite simple and takes no time at all. It starts with getting acquainted – you seek out our cooperation – we contact you and discuss your needs and project details. After that, we select suitable candidates from our team, available right now or in the nearest time and send you their CVs. You read the CVs carefully and conduct interviews. If after the interview, you feel the candidate isn’t quite right for the role, we propose another specialist in light of your previous experience. And, if everything is good at the interview stage, we proceed to the next – drawing up and concluding a cooperation agreement. That’s it – the candidate or the team is ready to start working on the project within the agreed time frame.

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