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Early Access Launch

We are delighted to announce the early access launch of our no-code micro-automation suite – Processica Apps.

The Suite is designed to automate communication-based workflows, such as e-mail distributions, SMS blasts, and any other types of processes that require either one-way or two-way interaction with your audience.

What is Processica Apps

Processica Apps allows users to design, implement, and run automated workflows. Its fully visual, design-first approach makes it possible to automate business processes of varying complexity. The platform supports multiple turn-key use cases and provides building blocks that facilitate precise process modeling.

How it works

Processica Apps is fully hosted and natively integrated with Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure. It is implemented as Microsoft Power Automate/Logic Apps workflows enhanced by our custom connectors. Our Dashboard app provides a robust set of functions for creating, maintaining, and running these workflows.

Reporting is done using Microsoft Power BI.


As long as you have a Microsoft 365 tenant, you can install and use our Apps – no 3rd-party services or infrastructure required. As part of the installation, Processica Apps will be provisioned directly to your tenant.

This architecture provides users with the highest level of control as well as the best possible security and privacy protection. Your data will never leave your Microsoft tenant, which also serves as your exclusive execution environment.


Apps included

The Early Access Processica Apps Suite includes 3 applications:

Each application provides a turn-key experience and can be used completely independently. It does not require any proprietary infrastructure or services except Microsoft and can be installed and run 100% within the customer’s tenant.

The application is also highly customizable and can be extended using a fully visual UI-based approach.



You can easily integrate our Apps with any workflow in Power Automate/Logic Apps, or expand them using the native integration methods of whichever external system you use. Any connector available on Azure Logic Apps marketplace can be used to enhance the functionality of our Apps. You can also use hundreds of 3rd-party systems and applications integrated with Logic Apps

All data collected as a part of the Apps execution are stored in fully documented format on your Microsoft tenant’s Power BI. You can see it by engaging our reports (100% built on Power BI), or include it in your own reports if needed.

All our Apps are natively integrated with Microsoft’s productivity and collaboration services, SharePoint and Teams.

As part of our Suite, we’ve developed a series of Azure Logic Apps connectors, designed to automate certain functions within the Microsoft infrastructure and provide integration with 3rd-party systems. These connectors are self-sustainable building blocks and can be used outside our Apps Suite.

Who it will benefit and how

Our Apps Suite provides a fast, easy yet flexible and fully customizable way to automate communication processes. Based on fundamental paradigms applicable to any communication process, it allows users to modify the necessary parameters and add steps to model their own processes with 100% precision.

You will benefit from our Suite if you:

  • Need to build a communication channel with your customers in a matter of minutes
  • Utilize more than one type of communication medium (e-mail, SMS, or chat apps, for example)
  • Want to offer a more personalized experience when reaching out to your audience
  • Have a fully protected, 100% secure way to keep your data and your customers data
  • Care about compliance
  • Have instant access to a large number of pre-integrated 3rd-party apps and systems
  • Want to enhance your existing workflows
  • Want to do it all in a familiar, fully visual environment without learning how to code


Processica Apps Suite is free to download for registered users – no restrictions. We don’t have “per user” restrictions or paid licensing. Simple registration will enable Apps for all users that are a part of your Microsoft 365 tenant.

Running our Apps on Microsoft 365 will incur certain licensing and pay-as-you-go infrastructure costs, which will be a direct Microsoft charge. We will provide a high-level estimation of this cost based on the usage prerequisites and your Microsoft 365 tier.

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