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Automated Workflows

Create and assign tasks based on preset conditions and rules instead of filling in the details manually. Integrate with third-party solutions and automatically pull and send the needed for your workflows data there.
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Stock and Inventory Management

Integrate Processica platform with the inventory system and send out automatic notifications based on this integration. Create automatic solutions for asset classification, obsolescence management and depreciation calculation for facilities management.
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Automation Replacing Manual Process

Use Processica in inventory management to automatically issue requests for the equipment that will have to be replaced soon and get responses from the responsible specialists. Customize notification workflows for each asset to keep participants updated.
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Assets Maintenance

Use our platform to create workflows for automatic equipment check-ups, facility walkthroughs, and preventive maintenance tasks. You can set both breakdowns and scheduled automated maintenance workflows.
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Assets Depreciation Management

Develop custom reports that integrate with popular third-party systems to automatically assign tasks for responsible units. Configure them tied to a particular location, taking into account industry, currency, regulatory and governance requirements, taxes and other variables.
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Multi-Location Asset Management

Use our enterprise asset management solutions to optimize assets-related processes, track asset performance, inventory, labor, and other data in multiple locations. All that to improve your maintenance processes everywhere and identify which ones need more attention.

Use Cases


Approval Management

Approval workflows are responsible for handling interactions among participating in the business process. Use Processica to create approval workflows to streamline the work approval order or material assets purchase requests. Use those workflows to agree on the purchase details of different physical assets.
Approval Management

Work Order Management

Manage work orders as one of your assets: see how long routine tasks take, address training or disciplinary issues. Processica helps you improve employees productivity through collected data history. Use Processica to integrate with CMMS tools to manage different types of maintenance tasks.
Work Order Management

Assets Geo Tracking

Track dynamic assets that are constantly changing location: vehicles, aircraft, and vessels or stationary assets such as weather and environmental monitoring sensors. It provides real-time situational awareness for coordinated field activities. Scan items offline in remote areas, and automatically sync data when internet connection is available.
Assets Geo Tracking

Budget Control

Use automated workflows to check your current spending against your planned budget . Although it’s inevitable that emergency maintenance may arise, our workflows help you follow your spending on an ongoing basis. Сut unnecessary costs, make budget adjustments, see potential issues before you find yourself in debt or unable to pay vendor bills.
Budget Control


High Flexibility
Processica works on all devices and OS you’re already using. Everyone in your organization can access everything they need to know about the assets quickly and easily.
Unlimited fields and configurability allow Processica to change according to your specific needs to meet the goals or solve problems no matter the number of assets, company size, or industry.
Easy Integration
We provide tools for integration with your customers’ systems, so that you don’t need to transfer data manually. Customize processes and update data in the asset management systems.
Cost Reduction
Our enterprise asset management solution allows automating asset lifecycle processes to eliminate repetitive tasks and cut down on wasted resources.
No-code Customization
Processica allows changing the configuration of a set automated business process fast and with no coding efforts needed.
Risk Management
With Processica you can automate asset management processes, enforce asset policies and regulatory requirements to mitigate the risks.
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Transportation and Logistics Section

Transportation and Logistics

Track moving assets that are constantly changing location to be aware of all transportation activities.

Why You Need Processica

Process Automation
Streamline and automate any repeatable business process within your company with Processica platform.
Smart Integrations
Use Processica Platform communications, job management and workflow management features and integrate other solutions you already use.
Business Analysis
We analyze business processes of any complexity to offer custom solutions for your specific business case.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is enterprise asset management?
It’s the process of tracking the internal assets that your business uses for its daily operations. It concerns documents, equipment, tools, and even employees.
Why should I track my assets?
Tracking assets prevents you from their loss and theft. Besides, this record might be helpful for liability, tax, and insurance purposes.
What types of assets can I manage through the platform?
You can track all types of assets, including equipment, documents, mobile tools, and your workers.
Do Processica solutions work on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets?
Yes, Processica works on smartphones, tablets, browser-based devices, iOS and Android based mobile apps, which allows accessing data, submitting requests, managing work orders, and more in real time.
Does Processica develop customised features?
Yes, and our custom software development includes the following features: workflow configuration, business analysis, quick integrations, dashboards and views, extra reports, and special mobile apps. That means we can develop customizable workflows, develop custom business analysis considering processes to be optimized, integrate with specific third-parties via connectors, allow you to manage any custom process, develop custom reports on completed workflows and tasks, customize our mobile app to manage any process on the go.
What’s the difference between assets and inventory?
Inventory is the goods, materials, and products a company sells to earn revenue. It can be a product itself or any component that is used to create the company’s product. The organization sells inventory, sends it into the distribution channel, or uses it in production to stay in business. In contrast, assets are what is used in production of the company’s products but is not part of the company’s product line or revenue stream. It can be equipment or machinery that is rarely sold, unless the company is upgrading it or selling a facility.
Why is keeping track of fixed assets important?
Fixed, or hard assets are the long-term assets on the balance sheet that a company expects to profit from for a long time. But as they have a finite useful life, accountants must record the decline in their value by recording periodic depreciation. Although each asset’s value is reduced over time, financial statements will continue to use its original cost rather than its relevant market value. That is why you need a tracking system of fixed assets to know how much value they are worth at any given time.
How does Processica integrate with other systems?
Processica has developed out-of-box integrations with some key applications: Active Directory, WorkMarket, ServiceNow, Microsoft Azure. To integrate with other applications, we use our standard API services and ready-made lambda connectors and integration services.

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