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Key process optimization and routine tasks automation for business process improvement.



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Custom Automated Workflows

Setup automatic workflows to make your business process more efficient. Define and map predictable, repetitive actions to create custom automation schemes fitting your business needs.
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Smart Notifications

Integrate smart notification solutions to make your automated business process more transparent. Use various communication channels appropriate for your business case: SMS, email, push notifications, voice messages and popular apps.
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Process Tracking

Get instant access to configured automated workflows with our cloud BPM software from any location in the world anytime. Receive notifications, reminders and configure dashboard to have all the needed information about automated BPM workflows at your fingertips.
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Multi-level Access Rights

Set up different levels of access to your business process management workflows for both internal and external user groups for them to view or modify details. Let different types of stakeholders be involved in the workflow according to their needs and zones of responsibility.
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Contact and File Management

Centralize different types of databases from various sources by creating a unified database in the Processica cloud for multi purposes. Share files among participants, manage contacts, grant or restrict access for specific groups of users.
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Third-party Integrations

Processica platform is flexible and compatible with various external apps and services via API and other types of connectors. Our DevOp team handles integrations of any complexity to automate even the most sophisticated process.

Use cases


Logistics Automation for Retailers

Delivery of goods from suppliers to consumers, inventory, shipments tracking, and communication about status changes to all the stakeholders could be automated through process workflows in Processica platform, improving collaboration and communication with customers and suppliers.
Logistics Automation for Retailers

Multi-channel Communication

Implement centralized automated communications to make your business processes more transparent and clear to all the stakeholders with Processica platform. Setup and adjust different channels appropriate for your business case: SMS, push notifications, emails, and voice messages. Setup schedule negotiations workflows, send polls and gather instant feedback from your employees to speed up important decisions and reduce manual work.
Multi-channel Communication

Omni-channel Customer Support

Implement omni-channel customer service communications as a part of your company's BPM automation. Organize a customer service solution via Processica workflow allowing you to get customer service inquiries via various channels (SMS, calls, chats, emails), process them on the Processica platform and trigger appropriate actions according to clients' needs, based on various keywords and answers recognized in their inquiries.
Omni-channel Customer Support

Approval Automation

Implement an automated approval process as a workflow where a set of steps is needed to negotiate and approve business documents, budgets, purchase orders or resolve some critical issues involving different responsible people (issue escalation workflows). Use Processica solutions to create tailored approval process, which guides employees to ensure the work is approved and completed as needed.
Approval Automation


Improved Efficiency
Increase your business process efficiency by cutting down manual errors and increasing process speed.
Cloud-based Solution
Keep all your business data safe in the cloud. Grant and restrict access to the platform anywhere, anytime.
No Coding Required
Perform all the required actions to configure workflows and automate your BPM process without coding skills.
Universal, Flexible, Customizable
Centralize various business processes through Processica platform at any stage of your business development.
Fully Compatible
Processica may be integrated with various third-party apps and systems through API and other types of connectors.
Turnkey Development
Our DevOps will provide you custom automation solutions for your specific business case.
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Optimize time spent on routine actions with automatic workflows applied to shifts & roster management, logistics, issue escalation trees and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I need BPM software?
You need business process management (BPM) software in case you have digital business processes and activities in the work of your company that need to be optimized with the help of automatization.
What is the difference between a business process and a workflow in terms of automation?
Workflows are what business processes are technically realized through. It concerns such properties as the exchange of messages between services, passing information between apps, etc. Business processes are basically the tasks undertaken by domain experts without any technical knowledge about their implementations. They just figure out an optimal way of managing their products, services, human resources, finances, etc.
Does your BPMS have on-premises or cloud deployment options?
You can configure the system both in the cloud and on local servers, depending on the architecture of your existing system and its needs.
Do you have built-in reporting tools?
We have a built-in workflow report option. This report displays workflow results with all the parameters you need for you to perform real-time monitoring and KPI measurement. You can also get the report by email in PDF or other formats.
Is BPM automation for mission-critical or routine tasks in my company?
BPM automation is suitable for both mission-critical and routine tasks since mission-critical processes are often built on the simpler and minor ones. That is why, by maximizing the efficiency of small processes you will improve the mission-critical ones as well.
How can I start using BPM?
Start with identifying a process in your organization that could be improved and result in cost reduction, time saving, or other positive, measurable result. Then, analyze how this process works without any sort of BPM enhancement and how it could be enhanced once BPM has been added. Also see how your employees conduct themselves while doing their work and how BPM could help them to perform more effectively.
Do you have BPMN 2.0 support?
We do not have BPMN 2.0 support but can develop it as a custom service if needed.

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