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Automating the delivery pipeline to cut costs and release software faster.



Processica DevOps services ensure fast on-boarding of software by automating the delivery pipeline. We also offer DevOps consulting to help startups and large enterprises align their development and operations to reach higher efficiency, the bets software quality, and fast time-to-market, while the code is always in a releasable state.


DevOps as a Service,[object Object], Implementation

DevOps as a Service

Our DevOps as a service offer means fast delivery, increased software quality, and costs saving. Our team drives client’s software project to success by implementing specific DevOps services, tailored to given requirements.
DevOps Assessment

DevOps Assessment

Our professionals assess client’s DevOps practices, development pipeline, list down the redundant tasks, identify the right set of tools, and audit the existing infrastructure.
DevOps Consulting

DevOps Consulting

Our DevOps experts team analyzes client’s IT environment and draws a long-term DevOps adoption roadmap. Our clients get full IT environment audit report and evaluated reasonability of implementing DevOps at the particular project.
DevOps Automation

DevOps Automation

Our DevOps team sets up and automates client’s continuous delivery pipeline, simultaneously preventing deployment risks and increasing productivity thanks to robust ecosystem of various tools.
Deployment Automation

Deployment Automation

Processica DevOps team is skilled in providing secure, self-service capabilities to developers and testers. Our professionals assist clients in deployment, upgrade of complex apps, and configuration at one click.
Release Management

Release Management

Our DevOps team manages which version of the software is deployed to which environment. Our professional conduct release management to ensure fast and consistent delivery, strong auditing, changes traceability, and no downtime.

Our Expertise


Infrastructure Set Up

We evolve and improve products at a faster pace via using traditional software development and infrastructure management processes. Our team creates and manages infrastructures on any cloud providers: AWS, GCP, AZURE.
Infrastructure Set Up

CI/CD Set Up

One way to ship code in small increments and iterations is to use Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment pipeline. Our DevOps team automates the software release process from build to deploy, using continuous integration and continuous delivery practices, creating all CI/CD pipelines in Jenkins.
CI/CD Set Up

Workloads Management

Workload management helps developers and operations teams to be more agile in their app release management processes and to reduce complexity. Our professionals perform application deployment automation, scaling, and management with Kubernetes system.
Workloads Management

System Configurations

Our DevOps engineers have experience of automating system configurations through Ansible for quick and repetitive setups. All that to help automate tedious tasks and increase agility.
System Configurations

Maintenance and Monitoring

Our DevOps team aims to mitigate the issues as fast as possible so that the users are not affected. And monitoring and logging practices help us to stay informed of performance in real-time. For that, out team uses the following tools: Zabbix, Newrelic, Prometheus, ELK, Graylog.
Maintenance and Monitoring


Synergy of DevOps Technologies
Our experts combine their knowledge in end-to-end automation and continuity across the delivery cycle to modernize IT infrastructure, reduce project costs, and help clients release faster.
Focus on Security and Protection
Our team of security experts build bulletproof security to win users’ trust. They identify security flaws early on and protect client’s data through implementing risk analysis and threat modeling.
Leveraging Best Practices
Our expertise in industry-standard DevOps tools and custom automation frameworks allows us to integrate our time-tested techniques into our clients’ workflows rapidly, smoothly, and cost-effectively.
Complex Delivery Experience
Our professionals have years of experience of creating DevOps architectures, supporting delivery across digital and enterprise apps.
Agile Expertise
Practicing agile methodology, our team helps release high-quality software in a flexible way. Our experts take full responsibility for client’s project quality, costs, scheduling, and help with DevOps KPI monitoring and scope planning.
Complementary Services
Our DevOps team capabilities go beyond standard DevOps services. Our experts offer and immediately deliver different IT solutions when and how the client needs it.


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