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Tasks Prioritization

Use our ticket calendar section to manage task prioritization, execution and overall workload to optimize even the most complex activities. The system uses instant notifications to keep your employees updated on any changes in tasks or their status in real time.
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Assignments Automation

Set up automatic assignments to streamline daily operations, updating involved people on the changes. You can also connect your external or internal employee databases to the platform to automate assignments distribution among remote workers according to their workload and skills.
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Employees Location Tracking

Keep track of your out-of-office employees schedules through Processica geolocation tracking feature. Navigate the map and get all the required information about on your employees locations, routes, workload, and tasks statuses to improve their work schedule if needed.
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Notifications Schemes

Use our adjusted notification schemes to set up one and two-way communications via the most relevant channels (SMS, email, popular apps) to keep your employees updated on their workload changes for better scheduling.
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Results Reports

Manage employees scheduling through reports on tasks execution. See the results of work via specific set up parameters like time, triggered processes to analyze what schedules can be optimized.
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Easily connect to other apps and services you use via API or other types of connectors. Use these connections to build automated workflows for the most convenient employee scheduling.

Use cases


Employees Schedules Automation

Processica provides solutions for employees shifts and schedules automation based on the distribution of tasks and time. It helps organizations to cut costs spent on manual scheduling optimization and increase employees performance.
Employees Schedules Automation

Roster Management Automation

We offer solutions that allow developing efficient staff rosters, manage workforce expenses, automate shifts, and avoid conflicts in scheduling. All that leads to major cost mitigation and visible productivity boost.
Roster Management Automation

Delivery Management Automation

We offer delivery management automation solutions for retail companies. It helps to track delivery personnel according to their schedules and ensure efficient logistics and on time delivery. Managers can also use company-issued smartphones to ensure two-way communication with their staff to create optimal routes, adjust assignments, form new shifts, and more.
Delivery Management Automation

Remote Employees Management

We offer solutions for managing shifts and schedules of remote and out-of-office employees easily. We can also build a variety of custom solutions for better scheduling management, including GPS services, smart mobile timesheets, custom reports, automatic compensations, and more.
Remote Employees Management


Lower Expenses
Reduced operational costs by automating and improving your employee scheduling.
Improved Staff Accountability
Use automation to keep workers updated on their shifts schedules to ensure better liability.
Improved Communication
Use automated workflows and notifications to facilitate employee communication and reach convenient and fast scheduling.
Increased Productivity
With automated employee scheduling, your employees can see and build their own schedules, manage availability, and easily trade shifts in a click to increase overall productivity.
No Delays
Save time on routine operations and set automated workflows to ensure everything is done on time.
Insights Into Employees Behavior
Use results reports to get deeper insights into your business process and employee activities.
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Increase your employees performance via our employee scheduling software. Automate tasks distribution, keep track of daily working activities, receive notifications on any processes you find critical.

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