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Automate facilities and maintenance management via Processica workflows to streamline complex business linkages, speed up decision making process, and reduce the probability of manual entry errors



Feature Item

Work Orders and Requests

Receive requests and automatically turn them into work orders. Push jobs directly to a single dashboard to monitor all the statuses in one place. Customize order layouts, track costs, equipment, and time spent on a single platform.
Feature Item

Checklists Management

Create and customize maintenance checklists to apply them to work orders. Link checklists to order types and transform them into automatic workflows. Perform smart facility scheduling via adjustment daily and monthly facility maintenance templates and prevent repairment issues.
Feature Item

Smart Notifications

Notify technicians, managers, dispatchers, and clients about important status or purpose changes, and new information receipt. Send notifications about complex maintenance works, receive responses from recipients to act accordingly to circumstances.
Feature Item

Preventive Maintenance

Create runtime or calendar-based PMs and monitor them in your custom maintenance calendar. Schedule preventive maintenance procedures and streamline auditing by creating preventive maintenance work orders and adjusting them into workflows.
Feature Item

Equipment Maintenance

Automate preventive inventory inspection scheduling to simplify maintenance process for facility managers. Streamline your automatic workflows performing preventive actions to minimize the probability of errors and outages with your equipment.
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Inventory Management

Monitor and manage stock count of parts and supplies. Create purchase orders when inventory is low to prevent insufficient resources occurrence. Apply preconfigured workflows to track official equipment quality standards to be prepared for any malfunctions.

Use cases


Preventive Facilities & Equipment Maintenance

Store and track all the needed asset data like ID tags, O&M manuals, and warranty info on the platform. Run automated workflows based on maintenance data to perform jobs automatically and reduce manual entry errors. Customize decision rules for less common cases to enhance preventive maintenance stability. Monitor all jobs at a single place to track the operations permanently.
Preventive Facilities & Equipment Maintenance

Work Order Management

Automate work orders allocation and approval, assign assets and documents. Monitor maintenance requests and set custom decision rules for smart tasks escalations. Add required configurations ( skills, equipment, shifts, etc.) to technicians cards and use this data for intelligent assignments. Pin orders to calendar and map them to manage scheduling and planning.
Work Order Management

Equipment Maintenance Management

Adjust and integrate maintenance management system (CMMS) to the platform and automate documentation and files processing like ID tags recording and photo attachments. Run workflows to automate attaching docs to corresponding items. View maintenance jobs on interactive floor plans and site maps and allocate issues with real-time insights into assets and equipment.
Equipment Maintenance Management

Asset Performance & Reporting

Track equipment usage and performance ratio. Get information about operational hours, mileage, time-detailed gauge readings, and so on. Configure asset profiles to receive data and details about facilities in a few clicks, including maintenance checklists done, failure codes, required safety equipment, etc. Automate reports generating based on any custom rules like asset downtime or cost of inventory. Connect your CMMS to our platform and automate the receipt of maintenance data to required systems and people.
Asset Performance & Reporting


Customer Service Improvement
Expedite work orders with a seamless request processing, streamline routine operations in your facility management, and provide better customer service.
Role-based User Access
Configure user permissions and access rights both for groups/ teams and separate users within or outside your organization
Easy-to-use Interface
Track work orders, maintenance jobs, assets, and much more via easy-to-use calendar. Respond to and resolve cards, or drag and drop them to other dates.
Advanced Communications
Enhance communications within or across departments through automatic workflows. Be in touch with your maintenance staff 24/7.
Cloud-based Portal
Manage all your facilities in a single place no matter their number or location. Monitor processes on a web-based platform.
Smart Preventive Strategy
Implement preventive maintenance workflows for better facility management on the platform to reduce surprise breakdowns and get insights into facility processes.
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Automate daily and routine operations on your facilities no matter how complex and big they are. Run automated workflows to streamline performing and get insights into facilities management.

Why You Need Processica

Smart Customization
No matter how complex the case is, the platform allows you to automate and streamline any conceivable business process within it.
Platform Integrations
Processica platform performs both as the independent system for workflows and communication management or can connect with other solutions you already work with.
Business Intelligence
We analyze applied processes of any complexity and define the best solutions for automated workflows integration.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is facilities management?
Facility management is the process of coordinating the workplace with the people and organization’s activities. It is mostly important for shops, grocery stores, sports complexes, hospitals, office buildings, hotels, retail establishments, government institutions, etc. The facilities themselves are the office, physical resources of the company, electrical and mechanical utilities that can cause safety or health hazard to the staff. Facilities management makes sure that the buildings and their services meet the needs of the employees that work there. People that work in facilities management are responsible for such services as cleaning, parking, security, and the surrounding environment condition.
How does facilities management with Processica work?
The facilities management process in Processica is organized through the combination of automatic workflows, connected third-party software (ERP, ticketing systems and other systems of your need) and automated one- and two-way notifications. The setup platform makes sure that the needed tasks are set and the responsible units are notified and engaged into taking the needed actions to maintain facilities at the needed level.
Why is facilities management important?
Facilities management is most important for health and safety requirements management and cost-efficiency of your business. Besides, it helps increase the lifespan of your assets and to monitor and maintain compliancy.
What industries can benefit from facility management?
The industries that can benefit from facility management include healthcare, manufacturing, government, education, and more. And the benefits they get are building maintenance, maintenance services, safety services, electrical maintenance, gas, heating, and plumbing services, air conditioning service and repair services.
How can facilities management help me with time and money saving?
Facilities management helps you save time by allowing to plan ahead of time with scheduled maintenance processes, identify issues before their escalation, reduce the need for expensive repairs or unscheduled downtime. All of that also helps to save your business money and ensure your facility stays ahead of any issues that may occur.
Which devices does the platform support?
Processica Platform works both on PCs and mobile devices. Also, Processica has a separate mobile application for mobile workforce management.

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