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Intelligent Incident Management Automation for Your Business

Implement automated predictive measures for streamlining incident management.



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Multi-channel Communications

Run tickets resolving through multiple channels like email, self-service portal, live-chat, phone. Capture events on the platform, manage resolution time, and deliver exceptional service without delays.
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Tickets Automation

Automate ticket prioritization based on level of impact, urgency, or any custom rules needed. Configure notifications and actions sequences, schedule repeating tasks and do much more to manage incidents.
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Track work on Incidents

Map triggers to workflows to keep everyone in the loop when incidents occur. Run notifications and alerts workflows based on SLA timelines, ticket status, or decision rules to notify involved teams automatically.
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Incidents Chat & Mail Bots

Customize bot behavior for required cases and implement it in sources like websites service platforms. Adjust and run mail-bot to automatically send emails to required target groups, agents, technicians.
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Third-Party Integrations

Connect incident and ticket management systems to our platform via API and add automatic communication-based workflows to easier monitor, manage, and execute incidents and requests in one place.
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Calendar & Map Views

Assign and allocate tickets in the map view to track progress. Perform scheduling in calendar view and create tickets not to miss deadlines. View issues and incidents in a centralized web-based interface.

Use cases


Customer Requests Automation

Automate customer support tickets handling: monitor ticket statuses, perform auto-assignments and tickets allocation. Create workflows based on custom triggers to automate customer requests receipt and resolving. Set rules and map requests to tickets automatically. Automate notifications and email dispatches with important status updates to stakeholders.
Customer Requests Automation

Mass Notification Feeds

Public service companies tend to have overloads of their call centers when it comes to different types of outages. Processica implements automated notification feeds to simplify this process. Adjust notification schemes for various cases (outages, system maintenance, transport delays, severe weather alerting) and launch specific communication workflows for different target groups.
Mass Notification Feeds

Incident Management Automation

Automate full incident work lifecycle through workflows on the platform. Define decision rules for incident detection (for example, unusual equipment metrics), automate sending notifications to involved groups and teams, run auto-assignments, track ticket execution, and do much more with Processica workflows to streamline incident management and enhance its execution performance.
Incident Management Automation

IoT Automation

Track metrics pulled from third-party utilities via API on the platform. Use acquired data to trigger workflows in case of critical metrics values. Let workflows automatically send notifications to required target groups, create and assign tickets, escalate them in case of no reply or if any other predefined trigger occurs.
IoT Automation


Advanced Communications
Automate communication process for your preventive and reactive incident management by setting up and enhancing notifications, alerts and reminders organized in automated workflows.
Connect Mobile
Manage incidents remotely no matter when and where they occur, improve the level of your  workforce engagement from any devices.
One Single Platform
Centralized web-based interface enables you to manage and resolve all the incident cases.
Efficiency Increase
Streamline and simplify incident management through automated workflows to reduce time and effort considerably.
SLA Minimization
Enhance SLA processes from external systems via automated workflows to reduce time for tickets execution and improve overall customer service quality.
Simplified Ticketing
Manage all incident queues and handle tickets submitted via email, phone calls, service portal, walk-up.
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IT Section


Automate customer or user requests and streamline tickets processing to enhance customer satisfaction.

Why You Need Processica

Smart Customization
No matter how complex the case is, the platform allows you to automate and streamline any conceivable business process within it.
Platform Integrations
Processica platform performs both as the independent system for workflows and communication management or can connect with other solutions you already work with.
Business Intelligence
We analyze applied processes of any complexity and define the best solutions for automated workflows integration.

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