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Helping companies employ the potential of IoT by offering a wide range of Internet of Things development services for any domain or vertical.



Processica offers a complete set of IoT development services from consulting to implementation and integration of the solution into the client’s infrastructure. We serve transportation, retail, manufacturing, utility, and other industries, enabling them to unlock the business value of connected devices. Our IoT professionals build data-rich software solutions for personal devices, smart facilities, connected vehicles, industrial purposes, and more.


Industrial IoT Solutions

Industrial IoT Solutions

Our professionals develop needs-based industrial solutions and industrial IoT applications, and successfully integrate them into existing structures to improve productivity and performance of industrial processes.
Enterprise IoT Solutions

Enterprise IoT Solutions

Processica develops IoT solutions that allow enterprises to align physical operations with digital assets in real time through establishing communication between embedded IoT devices, IoT platform and enterprise software systems.
Custom IoT Development

Custom IoT Development

Our IoT team integrates IoT apps, cloud services, physical objects, and mobile devices into a hyper-connected ecosystem built around client’s end users.
Embedded Software,[object Object],Development

Embedded Software

Our engineers develop high-end software for microprocessors and microcontrollers using their vast experience in embedded hardware design and development.
IoT Gateway Development

IoT Gateway Development

Our IoT experts develop software modules that understand multi-protocols and enable seamless communication between devices that run on different protocols.
IoT Consulting Services

IoT Consulting Services

Our IoT consultants have hands-on expertise in helping create the IoT strategy right for the client’s digital transformation initiative and develop the best-fit approach to enhancing the existing IoT solutions.
IoT Data Analytics

IoT Data Analytics

Our professionals leverage your existing IoT device data to create dynamic, personalized, and immersive reports that can be combined with the contextual data to minimize data consumption and sorting.
IoT App Optimization

IoT App Optimization

Our IoT app optimization services offer solutions for software performance optimization, including latency, boot time and throughput with the purpose of optimizing app user experience.
IoT App Support

IoT App Support

Processica supports IoT solutions that include through gateway devices, sensors, M2M connections, and more. The goal is to ensure best app performance and drive the value from IoT and innovation.

Our Expertise


Solutions for Sensors and Device Connectivity

Processica IoT engineers have experience of creating embedded solutions that utilize different networking protocols (Wi-Fi, NFC, Bluetooth Low Energy) and communication interfaces. They create software architectures that can be easily connected with smart devices, third-party software, applications, and sensors.
Solutions for Sensors and Device Connectivity

Embedded Systems

Our team has vast experience in embedded solutions development, guiding clients through delivery process from prototyping to post-delivery support. Processica engineers also build solutions for the existing IoT platforms to extend their functionality, using MQTT and WebSocket protocols.
Embedded Systems

Big Data Management and Analytics

Processica engineers have strong expertise in data analytics and machine learning. Our IoT professionals develop applications for analytics, reporting, process automation, and workflow management in machine-to-machine environments.
Big Data Management and Analytics

IoT Device Management

Our team is skilled in management of devices through custom sensors. Our engineers have experience of developing a platform that displays and analyzes equipment data, allowing for equipment management through built-in clients. The system responds to metrics and can switch equipment to another mode or turn it off.
IoT Device Management


Profound Big Data Expertise
Our big data engineers handle analytical tasks of various complexity. They develop software solutions that make client’s data work for them.
Cross-industry Domain Knowledge
Processica experts access the needs of the client’s industry and create custom IoT solutions to drive their business growth.
Cloud Development Competency
Our professionals help clients migrate their apps to the cloud to reach the needed scalability and manage traffic efficiently.
Improved Safety and Security
Processica experts ensure the IoT device and the app that runs it are secure and that there are features that allow users to increase security and privacy.
Enhanced Asset Utilization
Our IoT experts improve assets tracking by using sensors and connectivity to help organizations run preventive maintenance and improve asset utilization.
Process and Behavior Monitoring
Our professionals collect traffic traces and analyze the network behavior of IoT devices via traffic patterns’ attributes to detect changes.



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Supported protocols


Cloud platforms

Microsoft AzureMicrosoft Azure
IBM BluemixIBM Bluemix
Google CloudGoogle Cloud
Digital OceanDigital Ocean

Driving forces for IoT

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Cloud SynсCloud Synс
Power ConnectivityPower Connectivity

Web services

OAuth AuthorizationOAuth Authorization
SOAP servicesSOAP services
Thing APIThing API

Operating systems

Microsoft WindowsMicrosoft Windows

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