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Organize automated assignment management and smart communications to streamline the performance of your remote employees and dispatchers.



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Automatic Assignments

Connect internal or external employee databases to the platform and match up your remote workers according to their skills and availability. Automatically prioritize tasks and communicate with involved people about status changes.
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Geolocation Tracking

Our user-friendly interface displays the statuses of all the technicians along with their GPS position. You can easily navigate through the map or get information about workers (routes, locations, workload, tasks statuses) just on click.
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Tickets Calendar and Prioritized Tasks

Get actual information about workload and task execution in the tickets calendar section to effortlessly manage even the most complex assignments. The system immediately notifies employees about any changes in a task or its priority.
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Smart Notifications

Prevent important tasks from slowdown with smart reminders and notifications delivered via relevant communication channels. Get your talents' responses to automatically adjust work process based on received information.
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Cross-device Solutions

MWN solution compatible with mobile phones, smartphones, and tablets. Modern user-friendly UI embraces the innovative techniques to obtain complete cross-browser compatibility along with minimum load on any system.
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Progress Reports

Get mileage reports at any stage of tasks execution. Explore workers' waypoints directly on the map, request and gather all the required data related to accomplishing tasks. Receive needed data even from offline devices, when they appear online.

Use cases


Delivery Management

Processica offers smart delivery management solutions for retail sector companies that need to track delivery personnel and ensure their logistics is efficient to get to all scheduled destinations on time. With our cross platform mobile solutions managers can easily use company-issued smartphones for two-way communications with their employees, build the optimal logistics, adjust assignments on the go, form work shifts and do even more.
Delivery Management

Automatic Issues Escalation

Arranging and managing automated issue escalation trees for mobile workforce is a solution for managers willing to significantly reduce the time needed to accomplish tasks and simplify communications when it's really important for business. Processica offers solutions for tasks management to let business efficiently allocate and resolve tasks of various complexity based on set rules organized as a communication-based workflow.
Automatic Issues Escalation

Intelligent Rescheduling

Our platform provides solutions for smart rescheduling on the go, based on such changing variables as lates unexpected events (bad weather, traffic jams, road maintenance, etc), equipment or transport failures, that lead to costs and time saving.
Intelligent Rescheduling

Smart Management

Processica platform offers building a variety of custom intelligent solutions, such as smart mobile timesheets, GPS positioning services, automatic reimbursements and custom reports, taking into account employees' location, duration of their appointments, considering large geographic areas and the number of waypoints.
Smart Management


Performance Optimization
Capture employees performance in multiple locations, configure auto-assignments, select talents based on criteria and make your field workers logistics easier.
Faster Decision-making
Streamline communications between managers and field staff. Adjust notification workflows to your business case to keep in touch with your remote staff and speed-up work progress.
Cloud Omni-presence
Access the platform from anywhere using an internet connection. Work from any type of device (desktop, mobile or tablets) and be sure your data is safely stored.
Deeper Insights Into Workers Behavior
Setup custom reports about time and expenses, formed routes, procured tools and materials, to get deeper insights into your remote business process.
Reduced Operational Complexity
Automate assignments, synchronize contacts, get detailed reports, and do everything on one platform instead of managing numerous services.
Improved Client Service
Organize transparent field services for your clients, form ETAs based on formed logistics, immediately get clients feedback.
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Healthcare Section


Automate medical staff appointments scheduling, share information about patients, organize house calls for medical staff and clients. Monitor appointment statuses and staff routes on the map.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is mobile workforce management?
Mobile workforce management is the process of managing employees that work outside of the office setting. These include couriers and maintenance workers. And mobile workforce management software is what links up the office staff with mobile workers and customers with the purpose of measuring, recording and storing job data to ensure a more efficient working process.
When should I get started with workforce management?
Consider workforce management when you feel the need to keep track of the employees’ time management, plan the work on tasks and processes efficiently, assign right people to the right tasks, see how many employees and time you need to perform certain tasks, predict company’s needs, monitor and analyse work results to see if the company reaches its goals to take actions if it does not.
Which companies benefit most from workforce management?
Workforce management has benefits for different types of companies that want to minimize manual, heavy internal processes related to workforce management. It is most common for companies that have to deal with manufacturing, food & beverages, building & construction, services, finances, logistics and transportation.
What are the stages of mobile workforce management solution implementation?
Those stages vary from company to company and are planned individually, but there are three common ones: preparation, implementation, and operation itself. Preparation includes site study, uncovering relevant issues, working time rules, and agreements to define who is responsible for what. Implementation includes configuration and setup of the solution, training, and testing.
Is Processica mobile WFM solution secure?
Our mobile solution can be configured to support security requirements of your company. Our security concepts include role-based user permissions, user validation, scalability and reliability.
Does your mobile WFM solution integrate with my existing WFM system?
Yes, you can integrate with a workforce management system you already work with via API or different connectors.
Can I login to the mobile app with my second phone?
Yes, you can be logged in simultaneously on the number of devices that you need. A login is issued to the system, and a person can install the application on different devices and will not be tied to a phone number. There are no restrictions on the number of simultaneously logged-in devices, but if you log out from one device, you will be logged out from others automatically too.
How to engage my mobile workforce?
Mobile workforce engagement requires deep understanding of your organization’s workforce, mobile habits, preferences, and working style, depending on the size of the company and the industry you operate in. Usually, the smaller the company, the more flexible it is to mobile workforces even though they may lack the resources that larger companies possess. No matter the size, there are three main steps to engaging mobile workforce: promoting and encouraging open communication, offering the right set of tools and technology, and recognizing and rewarding your employees.
How can I manage my mobile workforce through the platform?
You can manage your mobile workforce on the platform through using ticket calendar, maps, contact databases, notifications, mobile apps, and workflows. For instance, you can easily manage tech assignment by assigning a new ticket, getting notified about technician’s location, route, arrival time, and accepting deliverables and invoice.
How can I improve my mobile workforce productivity?
To improve your mobile workforce productivity, streamline your mobile workflow management, eliminate the need for paperwork, improve your resources, reduce your business errors by creating a streamlined way to complete a task, improve individual employees’ productivity. All that will result in improved mobile workforce productivity, reduced costs, and increased revenue.
What if my employee does not own a smartphone?
In that case, you can send out work orders offers and other needed information via SMS or email notifications.

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