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Intelligent Communication Workflows for Your Business Automation

Implement smart communication workflows for any type of business process enhancement. Automatically communicate the most important things to the right people at the right time.



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Organize Notifications into Workflows

Integrate automated notification schemas to your business operations, adjust created workflows and receive organized feedback from your target workgroups.
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Targeted Messages

Manage target user segments on the platform along with their further implementation to notification workflows. Add your contact databases, compose personalized messages and send them to selected segments according to your business goals.
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Triggered Notifications

Automate notifications and alerts based on custom events and time-based triggers passed to the platform. Easily change communication workflow settings and immediately get an updated workflow logic.
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Communicate or Alert

Сreat and adjust both alerting and communication workflows to let your units get or exchange with crucial business information. Let your business receive the required data from workers without unnecessary delays.
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Easy-to-use Editor

Use our simple editor to construct messages, flexibly format and style them according to your needs. Save templates and quickly access them in your further setting notification workflows. Let the platform automatically perform as a clockwork instead of you.
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Set custom emergency notification workflows allowing you to send messages with question-answer forms to enforce search and rescue efforts. Prioritize resources and allocate them based on received feedback to maximize rescue efficiency in critical situations.

Use cases


IoT integration

Create unified systems connecting mobile or desktop devices with other technical tools. Processica offers flexible opportunities for automated notifications dispatching. Set up notification workflows synchronized with such physical systems as fire alarms, light control systems, entry access, and trigger workflow launch in case any event happens.
IoT integration

Emergency Alerting

Beware of the issues associated with internal and external security systems and emergency messaging schemes they may include. Implement custom alert workflows for informing your units and collecting their responses. Automatic panic buttons alerts, building evacuation, 911 alerts, and much more — Processica passes needed data to help rescuers reach their goals better.
Emergency Alerting

Negotiations Scheduling

Various meetups, conferences, and other events require numerous negotiations. Create workflows for event management automatization, collect feedback from group participants and organize events much easier. Integrate notifications with polls and get faster approvals for time and date of your event. Send invitations, aligning them with the work schedule of participants.
Negotiations Scheduling

Staff Messaging

Use notifications and reminders to manage your talents more efficiently. Our platform offers solutions for automating notifications sent to workforce in such cases as filling shift voids, personal deadline and execution reminders, partial staff informing, and so on. Define and set communication workflows to receive feedback from your employees to easily collect data to get actionable insights useful for your business case.
Staff Messaging

Real-time Notification Feeds

Public service companies tend to have overloads of their call centers when it comes to different types of outages. Processica provides automated notification feed solutions to streamline service communications. Adjust notification schemas for various cases (outage, system maintenance, transport delays, severe weather alerting, etc.) and launch specific communication workflows for target groups.
Real-time Notification Feeds


Stay Informed
Speed up different types of business operations with the help of notification workflows. Get immediate responses to keep the upper hand on your business processes.
Be Prepared Preventively
Set automated workflows for any required emergency cases to be prepared for various described incidents preventively.
Reach Recipients Anywhere
Explore the widest spectrum of possible notification formats possible to implement via Processica and reach your recipients anywhere, anytime.
Negotiate and Escalate Issues
Setup custom negotiation communication schemes, allowing to confirm responses and escalate issues by informing the right employees at the right time.
Avoid Alert Fatigue
Avoid alert fatigue of your employees with the help of communication workflows firing only the needed messages to the right people.
Choose Various Channels
Choose the right communication channels: push and voice notifications, emails, SMS, Slack or any other third-party apps appropriate for your own business case.
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Business Management Section

Business Management

Optimize business management through notifications automation. Send voice and text notifications to the needed groups of employees in your company and synchronize executives alerting.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of notifications and alerts can I use on the platform?
You can use such out-of-box notifications as email, SMS, voice messages and push notifications. Additionally, you can set up and use notifications sent via other popular apps of your need - Slack, Viber, Telegram, Pulse and others.
How do I add a contact database to a notification workflow?
You can connect external contact databases (AD, Salesforce, LDAP) or add new contacts through the user interface. After that, the contacts may be combined into target lists by needed criterias and added to the workflow, to the task of the special Contact Fetch type.
Can I set up omni-channel communication solutions on the platform?
Yes, you can. We offer omni-channel drip campaigns, omni-channel customer support, and even more omni-channel communication solutions depending on your specific business needs. Omni-channel drip campaigns allow reaching customers by simultaneously using various communication channels, saving time and reducing manual work through automated communication workflows. All that in one platform where you engage users through all communication channels you need. Omni-channel customer support helps your business to provide seamless customer experience. It allows automatically leading customers from inquiry until the problem is solved, resulting in improved SLA and increased customers’ loyalty. In addition to the above solutions, we can also implement any other solution for different verticals and areas of use.
Are notification messages customizable?
Yes, you can customize notifications by using templates. Create a template in the Template section and then use it for the type of notification you want. You can customize both email and SMS notifications.
How many people can be added to a notifications target list?
It depends on the requirements for the process that is being configured and on the required capacity.
In which industries are your solutions most useful?
We use technology that makes our solution useful in different industries, including healthcare, logistics, manufacturing, retail, financial services, education, food services, utility companies, and tech dispatching.
How can I keep my team informed and connected?
You can schedule tasks in scope of the project deadlines and keep track of your tasks’ deadlines and assigned employees for your team to easily communicate and reschedule activities automatically if needed, saving the team's time and reducing manual work.
How emergency notifications work in risk and incidents management?
You can define specific decision rules for risk or incident detection (for instance, particular equipment metrics) and automate sending notifications to groups and teams involved. You can also set up auto-assignments and track ticket execution to improve your incident management and its execution.
What devices do you support?
We support smartphones, browser-based devices, iOS and Android based mobile apps, and tablets.
Is it possible to implement two-way communications?
Yes, you can set up different types of two-way communications that provide answers from the receivers who will further trigger the launch of certain workflows.
Is it possible to automate the initiation of incident response activities?
Yes, you can automate the initiation of incident report activities based on ticket status, SLA timelines, or decision rules to notify involved teams by default.

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