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Smart Notifications

Arrange and adjust notification schemes and seamlessly integrate them to your business with Processica platform. Setup one and two-way communications via the most relevant channels: send SMS, voice messages, emails, or integrate with the most popular third-party communication apps.
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Workflow Editor

Drag and drop block schemas, add connectors, set the logic of events or delays, select the needed actions to be performed, and get your communication-based automated operation management process set up.
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Unified Contact Database

Organize a unified contact database and implement it to automated workflows to streamline business efficiency. Reduce time and expenses on manual database management by automatizing different kinds of digital processes.
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Jobs Calendar

Incorporate Processica solutions helping you to easily manage jobs performed by both in-house and remote employees. Get actual information about workload and task execution in the tickets calendar section to effortlessly manage even the most complex assignments.
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Interconnection and Automation

Processica platform allows you to easily connect with various external apps and services via API and other types of connectors. Integrate needed third-party applications and use these integrations to build automated workflows requiring access to them.
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Configurable Dashboard

Get instant access to configured automated workflows with our cloud BPM software from any location in the world, anytime. Adjust the dashboard to control workflows at fingertips, check assignments statuses, job schedules and maps.

Use cases


Paperwork Automation

Processica platform provides document flow automation both inside the company and externally. Documents are stored, reviewed and approved in the cloud, and the possibility to setup the flow allows automating the process of signing one-type and routine documents in a click.
Paperwork Automation

Scheduling Automation

Processica platform offers solutions to automate schedules management and shifts based on feedback received from employees or on even distribution of workload. It helps companies to reduce expenses and time spent on manual optimization and significantly increases work performance.
Scheduling Automation

Roster Management Automation

Processica platform provides solutions for planning and operations process automation. It allows creating efficient staff rosters, control workforce expenses, automate the optimal coverage of shifts and eliminate conflicts in scheduling. All that leads to significant cost savings and contributes to tangible productivity increase.
Roster Management Automation

Employees Onboarding

Processica offers solutions for automating various operations associated with new employee onboarding. Our platform automates repetitive onboarding tasks like setting the chain of onboarding meetings, sending educational materials to new workers, automatic tasks assigning to organize workplaces and procurement of missing equipment. Arrange and adjust digital processes that automatically capture needed signing and approval instead of long and inefficient manual paperwork flow.
Employees Onboarding


Cost Savings
Automate your daily digital business operations related by configuring automated workflows and reduce operational costs.
Performance Improvement
Avoid your staff fatigue and burnouts by automating repetitive manual jobs.
Innovations Adoption
Automate operations and integrate a homogenous management layer to have more abilities to rapidly adopt innovations to your business.
Manual Errors Reduction
Launch automated business operation workflows to avoid manual errors and reduce routine manual entries jobs.
Deeper Insights
Make your daily operations automated and thus easier to analyze and to define possibilities for future growth.
Time Delays Reduction
Save time on decision-making and daily operations when the process is predictable and set of events is implemented to trigger needed actions (auto assignments, communications).


Hospitals Section


Streamline roster management, automate shifts allocation, arrange and adjust custom scheduling to automate operations process in hospitals and clinics.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is operations management?
Operations management is a field of business concerned with planning, organizing and controlling services development, production, manufacturing, or provision to ensure an organization successfully turns inputs to outputs in an efficient way. An input could be materials, technology, or human resources.
What kind of business operations can I automate through Processica platform?
You can automate any process that is repetitive in nature, doesn’t require human intervention for completion, has to be consistent and error-free. It could concern notifications distribution, contacts segmentation, employee performance management, workforce expenses, or documents flow.
Do you have real-time updates?
Yes, you can set up real-time updates in Processica.
Is this an enterprise or small business operations management solution?
Our operations management solution is suitable for both enterprises and small businesses.
Do you have route optimization solutions?
We can develop a custom route optimization engine that considers time, location, capacity and traffic. You will be able to make changes or re-optimize by sending updates to drivers or technicians in real-time.
How can I use notifications features?
You can use notifications feature to manage tasks execution by setting up specific notifications based on type of work, channel, employee role, and location.
Does Processica work on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets?
Yes, Processica works on mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets.
How can I automate work requests?
You can automate work requests by setting up specific workflows and notifications to keep track of your work requests in real time.
How many workflows can I create?
You can create an unlimited number of workflows.

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