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Our Platform is

Flexible, highly customizable yet easy to configure and use

Flexible, highly customizable yet easy to configure and use

Every organization is different. Every use-case either in operations, sales or marketing is unique and distinct. We do not believe in universal, one size fits all approach.

Our platform's provides customizable functions to automate processes of various complexity using simple, no-code approach.
Integration ready

Integration ready

Modern technology is powered by systems interconnection. We provide out of the box integration with variety of market leading: ERP, CRM, Business Systems and others.

Home grown and custom systems can be integrated with minimal effort thanks to our pre-integration functions.
Cloud native, innovative, extendable

Cloud native, innovative, extendable

As cloud-native application we bring the latest, cutting edge innovations to increase efficiency in process automation.

Extensive set of API/Webhook designed to extend with custom functions if necessary.
Designed for partners

Designed for partners

Channel is our primary and the only distribution way. Our platform is engineered with partners in mind. Features like controlled multi-tenancy, shareble templates and others are bringing maximum efficiency to our partners. Customization, flexibility, integration readiness and extendability gives our partners competetive edge.

Why become our partner

Highest degree of sophistication
Implement process automation use-cases capturing every detail with our extensive, flexible workflow-engine based functionality
Various verticals are supported
Out of the box support for variety of vertical specific use-cases: shift management, mobile workforce, omnichannel communication, outage management, etc. Solutions for Enterprise, SMB, GEMs and others
Support through the entire cycle
We support you every step of the way. From sales, pre-sales, customization, production support - we will always be available to help
Do it yourself or empower your customer
We provide simple to use, yet multi-functional and efficient UI-based configuration, management, troubleshooting and reporting tools. Choose from doing it yourself, allowing your customer, asking for our help or a combination
Communication channels
Our platform is communication centric. We support of e-mail, SMS, chat (Teams, Slack, Hangouts, etc.), voice and other methods for information delivery, notification and iteractions
Integration with other portfolio systems
We work with you to integrate with other systems in your portfolio. So you can provide larger out of the box coverage
Channel Partners targeted pricing model
Flexible pricing model designed for channel partners specifically. From pay as you go to enterprise level and custom agreements
Fully white-labeled
Our platform is fully brandable, white-label enabled and localizable. That includes forms, documentations and other. Fully brandable mobile-app. White-labeled customer support and training
Training and education
Unlimited training for our partners. We want you to know our platform to the T. Education services for technologies and use-cases
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