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Organize your project tasks into a gradually running process, implement automatic cross-departmental communications, items requests approval and more.



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Smart Notifications

Notify your team about tasks status changes or in case of any emergencies via preferable channels and applications: Slack, SMS, emails, voice messages or any other popular communication app of your need.
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Tasks Management

Organize tasks and assignments into workflows, create relations and dependencies between tasks via workflows, schedule assignments in scope of project deadlines and more, depending on your project specifics.
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Automatic Workflows

Interconnect your business tools and solutions in one Processica platform and create automatic workflows to significantly improve your project management process efficiency and reduce routine manual workload.
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Connect Systems Together

Integrate needed third-party applications, create and customize dashboards to make your project processes organized and accessible at fingertips. Create needed views, communication shortcuts, check assignment statuses.
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File Management

Let your team upload, change and share different types of files needed for effective assignments accomplishment. Incorporate different types of files to the automated workflows you need.

Use cases


Omni-channel Client Service

Improve SLA for client-related tasks by automating repetitive manual actions via configured workflows. Set up the needed properties and rules based on them to ensure your workflow runs accurately, and monitor automated processes to detect possible outages and react on them. Send alerts to responsible employees or automatically resolve clients' problems when some pre-configured triggers are recognized.
Omni-channel Client Service

Employee Onboarding

Schedule meetings, distribute forms and surveys, create and monitor the process in the automatic onboarding workflows and review the gathered data. Organize orientation workshops to run tests and impart about company policies.
Employee Onboarding

Cross-departmental Communication

Organize quick and effective cross-departmental communication set in one platform. Get approval from the number of responsible employees in a few clicks and negotiate your project at any stage to make your work process flawless.
Cross-departmental Communication

Task Management

Schedule tasks in the scope of the project’ deadlines. Track your tasks depending on deadlines, select employees according to required skill sets to perform each assignment, communicate and reschedule it automatically when needed, save your team's time and reduce manual work.
Task Management


Faster Completion Rate
Improve tasks completion rate along with reducing operational costs by implementing project management automation software.
Simpler Collaboration
Make your team communication and collaboration simpler by implementing automated notifications and alerting workflows.
Offload Routine Tasks
Free up time for your talents enabling them to concentrate on more important things, like self-education and exploring new progressive approaches for your business to grow.
Scale Your Productivity
Free up your project management team from managing many of its routine tasks to take on more projects and deliver greater output.
Mobile Connectivity
Access your set automated workflows and organized processes both from desktop and mobile devices anytime, anywhere.
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Manufacturing Section


Automate project management in manufacturing to offload your team's routine tasks, being mindful of resources and any unexpected costs or risks that need to be mitigated or controlled.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is project management automation?
It’s a process of technology to improve processes efficiency with almost no human assistance, which means you completing basic project management tasks without personal intervention.
Why should I automate my project management?
By automating project management you offload routine, time-consuming, administrative work from your employees to concentrate on more valuable tasks. Besides, automation reduces the human element in the processes, which allows for more predictable work results.
Can automation replace humans in project management?
Not fully and not in the near future. Although automation allows performing many tasks and more efficiently than people can, there are the human elements of project management that software can’t assess that easily. It can’t assess team morale or help employees improve their weaknesses. Automation is great for simplifying the work on routine tasks and processes to free up the time for more important ones, which results in greater efficiency overall. Besides, it allows project managers to concentrate on improving their skills in strategy development, conflict resolution, digital literacy, stakeholder management, not wasting time on minor tasks that can be automated.
How do I create relations and dependencies between tasks via workflows?
You will have to select the required task and fill in 'Next Steps' section on the platform, namely the conditions for the 'On Success', 'On Failure' and 'On Time Out' transitions, indicating the necessary task and describing the conditions.
Can I see how much time was spent on a project?
Yes, you can see it through the time spent on workflows related to the project. We have a Dashboard where you can see the time and date the workflow has started. There are also startup parameters of the workflow and its Execution History that shows the entire history of executing tasks and transitions.
What is the difference between workflow automation and project management automation?
The main differences between workflow automation and project management automation are in their durations, impact, and roles. Projects are temporary, usually one-time things, when workflows are functional, repetitive processes within a business process. Workflows can be stand-alone processes like appointment scheduling, or run and impact all aspects of a business and transcend whole departments and projects. The roles of project management are tasks planning, overseeing, and directing, when workflows deals with connecting those tasks. Basically, workflows make project management run smoothly from stage to stage.
How can I increase productivity with Processica project management automation?
You can increase productivity by scheduling tasks in scope of your project’ deadlines, selecting employees according to required skill for each assignment, rescheduling it automatically if needed, saving your team's time and reducing manual work. Besides, you can organize effective cross-departmental communication and get approval from the responsible employees in a few clicks to negotiate your project at any stage to make your work process fast and effective.
What collaborative features are in Processica?
We perform collaboration through workflows for team communication via emails, chats, SMS. You can also upload and send necessary files within the framework of a customized workflow.

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