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Processica is a team of professionals with solid expertise in developing reliable and scalable software solutions for any device, OS, and browser. We deliver custom solutions perfectly fitting client’s business needs and matching users’ expectations. Over the years, our team has optimized and enriched our system development life cycle and software engineering skills to minimize risks and cut expenses. Our experience and expertise work to maximally meet your requirements.


Web App Development

Web App Development

Our team aims for delivering market-ready web applications that can be up and running from day one of implementation. And thanks to agile practices, it is delivered to our clients within the stipulated budget and timeline.
Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

Processica has experience in developing mobile apps for iOS and Android. Our team is skilled in Swift, Unity, Objective-C, Apple SDK, Apple UIKit, Cocoa frameworks, and deploy mobile apps on App Store or Google Play.
Chatbot Development

Chatbot Development

We develop chatbots that become customized virtual assistants with natural-language conversations abilities. It allows engaging and converting potential customers, streamlining communications.
Cross-platform App,[object Object],Development

Cross-platform App

Our team develops cross-platform apps for a wide range of mobile devices and platforms. Our experience in building cross-platform apps includes the use of different technologies, depending on the requirements.
Custom Database Development

Custom Database Development

Our professional database developers will make sure any model of the database fits client’s software needs, including network, hierarchical, relational, entry-relationship, entity-attribute, object-oriented, and document value.
Custom CRM Software 

Custom CRM Software Development

Our professionals develop automation solutions for CRM software, which helps B2B and B2C companies to reach higher sales efficiency and gain considerable revenue, increasing profit with our custom CRM software.
Custom ERM Software,[object Object],Development

Custom ERM Software

Our team of business analysts, QA engineers, and software engineers develops diverse, dynamic ERP systems for enterprise customers of all sizes and different verticals.
Legacy Software Transformation

Legacy Software Transformation

Our professionals transform legacy systems into a software with seamless implementation and a highly strategic approach. The process starts with analysis of the client’s current system, its architecture, and more.
Enterprise Software,[object Object],Development & Integration

Enterprise Software
Development & Integration

Our team designs custom enterprise apps to automate versatile organizational and client-centric workflows. Develop a software solution from scratch or tune in the systems that are already up and running.

Our Expertise


SD-WAN System

The client's request was to build an analytical traffic management system being able to distribute traffic between multiple apps where the highest priority traffic gets maximum bandwidth. Our team built the DPDK solution, implemented real time algorithms to dynamically control such features as traffic load balancing, its failovers, FEC, and optimized resources needed for development multiple times. The same embedded core code was used for both client's device and for server side.
SD-WAN System

Hardware Monitoring System

Our engineers created a hardware monitoring solution integrated with the client's network infrastructure with the ML / AI based system, detecting anomalies and sending alarms, based on data from dozens of field network devices. They studied the characteristics of various field networking equipment and created a simulator of networking infrastructure to run development and testing for physical field networking equipment. The solution includes cloud center for remote site controlling of mobile workforce management, alerts sending, ML/AI analytic systems, and UI portal for the end-users.
Hardware Monitoring System

Analytical Chatbot and Command Messenger

The challenge was to create a stable system including an analytical chatbot, with a set of external modules to be integrated with. Our team resolved this issue with the help of a workflow engine, where all the administrative workload was delegated to the automated workflow, working on the principles of the event-based architecture. This architecture allows both to trigger updates in different connected systems and add them to workflows, which allows automating business processes that depend on user inquiries.
Analytical Chatbot and Command Messenger

Business Process Automation Platform

Our team created business process automation solution based on a workflow engine and having omni-channel communications features. They developed a solution that allows automating business processes through the implemented workflow engine and the UI, making platform usage comfortable for users. The system is based on micro-services architecture that is able to immediately restore itself on the same stage of workflow in case of possible crash without any loss of data.
Business Process Automation Platform

Workforce Management System

Our engineers had to create a high-loaded stable system for managing large number of job tasks and assignees. They visualized the data in UI and made it accessible in conditions with huge number of technicians (>10K people) and tasks (>300K). The data is updated and synchronized for multiple participants of the system in real-time. The team built the workforce management system that allows optimizing the system’s load and performance significantly. They have also created a mobile app for remote workers, allowing dispatchers to track geolocation of workers and to effectively communicate with them.
Workforce Management System


Progressive Architectures
Our engineers architect the entire system / solution, leveraging high-level and detailed design of modules, components, and their interconnection.
Microservices Development
Our team creates a software development technique that arranges an app as a collection of loosely coupled services. Such microservices architecture allows for fine-grained services and lightweight protocols.
Small Agile Teams
Our small teams can develop much faster thanks to the ability to learn, relearn, and unlearn in way that is simply impossible for large teams.
Fast Delivery
We build big apps from ready-made building blocks. And smaller building blocks allow us to develop and deliver faster, which increased revenue.
Global Delivery Methodology
We are constantly improving our methodology, ensuring its flexibility and efficiency by considering distributed team specifics.
Staff Augmentation
Our developers, architects, and system engineers can work remote or remote & onsite as an extension of your team.


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Ruby on RailsRuby on Rails

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