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Automatic Workflows

Create automatic workflows to increase your business process efficiency. Identify and map common, repetitive actions, define checkpoints and use them to track time from one action to another within a particular workflow.
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Multichannel Notifications

Set up notifications via SMS, email, voice messages and popular apps to organize your work correctly and perform employees time management. Use notifications and workflow automation to analyze time spent on tasks accomplishment and improve process efficiency.
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Process Execution Reports

See the results of set up workflows and control all of the important parameters: time spent, triggered processes, and more to analyze your business processes and time management efficiency fast and easy.
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External Integrations

Use Processica’s flexibility and compatibility to integrate with different third-party apps and services via API or various types of web-connectors. We deal with integrations of any complexity to automate the widest range of processes.
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Custom Dashboards and Views

Use Processica to build custom reports, implement additional custom views on the platform, and perform set workflows important for your business in a click. Visualize and export those reports in different formats: PDF, email, etc.
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Process Tracking Automation

Automate process tracking through controlling employees time management. Use notifications to see if the workers have checked in their working time spent on different tasks assigned to them.

Use cases


Improving SLA for Outsourced Employees & Freelancers

SLA improvement through process tracking is achieved by employees checking-in when starting the job and checking-out when finished. For outsourced workers and freelancers, you can use the functionality of mobile workforce for dispatching, working on tasks, and reporting improving the response time to the task and carrying out escalation if necessary. If it is a proactive task, the workflows have a controlling role: pre-warn, track, and help achieve SLA.
Improving SLA for Outsourced Employees & Freelancers

Task Status Tracking

Use task lifecycle tracking to track particular processes and the time spent on them. See how much time and effort each stage of the process is taking to visualize work execution, identify the bottlenecks and fix them to speed up the process by avoiding unnecessary delays.
Task Status Tracking

Emergency Service

Track your processes through setting up rescue workflows, connecting the platform to VoIP provider to respond to emergencies instantly. The users have to push one button on the device to activate the entire rescue process in a moment.
Emergency Service

Physical Systems Process Tracking

Track physical equipment metrics, build reports based on the received metrics, run automatic workflows with notifications and auto-assignment of tasks to responsible people in case any predefined triggering event occurs.
Physical Systems Process Tracking


Process Awareness
Use automated notifications and alerts to improve time management of your business operations via notification workflows.
Efficiency Improvement
Improve your business process efficiency by eliminating human errors with processes tracking
Reduced Expenses
Hold the upper hand on workflows and simplify finding and addressing possible issues to optimize your business.
Automated Routine Tasks
Set up automated operations with time and process tracking to improve employees time management.
Variety of Integrations
Connect to your time tracking systems through a wide specter of web and lambda services.
Delays Minimization
Efficient task management thanks to automated escalation of information among managers in case of any triggered actions.
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Use time and process tracking to see and analyze what could be optimized in scheduling, tasks execution, employees onboarding process, etc.

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