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Workflow Management


Feature Item

Graphical Workflow Editor

Compose workflows by using our intuitive graphical interface. Drag and drop block schemas, add connectors, set the logic of events or delays, select the needed actions to be performed at each step and get your automated process ready.
Feature Item

Triggered Communications

Set up triggered notifications and alerts to notify your staff or clients via the most relevant communication channels at the right time. Use push notifications, emails, SMS and voice messages by default or integrate with third-party apps of your choice.
Feature Item

Event-based Assignment Rules

You can setup any event- or time-based actions critically important for your business to let our system know when to send notifications or make calls, assign required workers, calculate the needed logistics or perform other automated business processes.
Feature Item

Adjustable Dashboard

Adjust the dashboard to control set workflows at fingertips, build custom reports, check the assignment statuses, job schedules and maps. Configure additional custom views on the platform and perform set workflows important for your business in a click.
Feature Item

Status Monitoring and Troubleshooting

Processica system provides tools needed to emulate and test newly created workflows, perform monitoring of your ongoing process statuses, get reports about the tasks happening, and troubleshoot any possible issues.
Feature Item

Easy Integration with Third-parties

We can easily connect more than 300 third-party solutions in your business ecosystem by using API and quick connectors (Lambda, Zapier and Elastic.io services) allowing to construct any automated process tailored specifically to your business case.

Use cases


Customer Service

Distribute and resolve incoming customer service requests by setting triggered workflows allowing to prioritize, react and apply the needed actions like assigning tickets to the responsible departments, sending educational information to clients or creating bugs in the system when predefined actions happen.
Customer Service

Shift & Roster management

Use the preset employee scheduling and shift planning workflows: start roasters, select workers with appropriate shifts and needed skill sets, configure waiting lists, notify supervisors or managers when needed, get reports about formed shifts and send reminders about upcoming shifts to workers.
Shift & Roster management

Approval Management

Use flexible Processica platform to automate and manage all kinds of time-consuming approvals. With approval management software, all you have to do is click the button to start the workflow sending notifications and getting responses from responsible units via various channels (SMS, emails, chats, voicemails) which makes approval process within large organizations easy as never before.
Approval Management

Mobile Tech Assignments

Organize work processes between dispatchers, technicians and clients: create ticket assignments considering workers and other units geolocation and skill sets, track routes and communicate ETA changes to the clients, provide and check the deliverables, automate documents flow.
Mobile Tech Assignments


No Delays and Downtimes
Manage tasks more efficiently by escalating information further to top responsible managers in case of any triggered actions happening.
Role-based Accessibility
Give different levels of access to your employees to distinguish their zones of responsibility and control access to sensitive information.
Cloud Omni-presence
Access your Processica dashboard from any place with the Internet connection from any type of device: desktop, mobile or tablet.
Timely Communications
Send triggered one and two-way notifications via preferred channels to target audiences to inform or get reactions with responses when it's important for your business case.
Multi-device Platform
Processica platform is supported on different types of devices: desktop, mobile phones and tablets.
Smooth Tasks Completion
Automatically create and assign jobs to proper employees, as well as reassign tasks in case set triggered actions are happening.
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Healthcare / Hospitals Section

Healthcare / Hospitals

Manage medical staff appointments considering multiple variables on the clients' and medical staff side, form work shifts, send smart notifications with replies, manage staff onboarding process.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is workflow management?
A workflow is a sequence of tasks that are part of a business process, and workflow management is a process of coordinating all the tasks united to sequence that run in your organization with the goal of driving better business results. Those tasks are usually performed by people manually but can be automated with the help of workflow management software. The goal of this is to improve business processes by enhancing the way people do their work.
What makes Processica workflow management software different?
With Processica, you have control over all your business processes automatically in one platform. Create workflows to assign the right people to the right tasks, track tasks progress, do issue follow-ups, and much more. Anything you might need to manage your automated workflows is possible within Processica.
How Processica streamlines my business processes?
Processica optimizes your business processes by increasing your management efficiency through the minimization of human error, acceleration of work through the automated sending of messages and notifications, assignment of tasks to responsible people, escalation of issues, and custom solutions tailored specifically to your particular business case.
Will my workflow operate offline?
Yes, it will. Workflow runs on the server according to a predefined schedule, so being online or offline doesn't matter. You can control its execution by going to the web admin and checking the current status of the needed workflow on the dashboard.
What systems can I integrate Processica with?
You can integrate to different systems that you already work with through API and quick connectors like Lambda, Zapier and Elastic.io services.
Does Processica have any build-in workflow templates?
There are no built-in templates, but you can make any workflow you create a template by setting up the “marks to template” option. In case your workflows require any custom templates, they can be easily implemented as a custom service.
Is custom modification possible in case of a complex multi-level process?
If our built-in functionality with the existing integrations is not enough, we can adapt our solution for you, adding additional integrations with the services you use, configure additional views and dashboards, customize our mobile app for you, set up custom events that trigger various stages of workflows, and much more.
How do I set up a workflow in Processica?
To set up a workflow, you will use a workflow editor to apply all the needed settings - workflow's name, description and default parameters. Then, you will need to configure the necessary tasks and describe the conditions for their transition. You can also create new or use existing templates for tasks. When you are done, add your workflow to the dashboard to find it easily.
How do I set up triggered notifications?
To set up external trigger notifications (and other workflows), use API endpoints or the Job Scheduler and set up the needed parameters (start date, start time, frequency, etc).

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