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Main Services

Business process automation services
Automate manual tasks, minimize human errors, and optimize key business processes.
Workflow management
Improve your workflow and the overall effectiveness with cost-effective automation solutions.
Notification management
Communicate important things to the right people on time without depending on employees to take action.
Project management automation
Break free from monotonous tasks. Adopt automation to manage your project and let them flow with no pitfalls.
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Use cases

Our custom automation services can be used to improve efficiency and productivity in different industries. In this section we showcase real-world examples of how Processica's automation expertise has helped clients achieve their goals, such as reducing costs, increasing productivity, and improving quality control. From manufacturing and logistics to healthcare and finance, the use cases demonstrate the versatility and effectiveness of custom automation services in solving complex business challenges.
Approval management

Approval management

Use Processica custom automation services to automate and manage all kinds of time-consuming approvals. Implement an automated approval process as a workflow using a set of steps to negotiate and approve business documents, budgets, and purchase orders or to resolve certain critical issues involving people with different responsibilities (issue escalation workflows).
Multi-channel communication

Multi-channel communication

Processica helps customers implement centralized, automated communications to make their business processes more transparent to all stakeholders by setting up and adjusting different channels appropriate to their business case: SMS, push notifications, emails, or voice messages.
IoT integration

IoT integration

Create unified systems connecting mobile or desktop devices with other technical tools. Processica offers its expertise in automating notification dispatching. Set up notification workflows synchronized with physical systems like fire alarms, light control systems, and entry access.
Logistics automation for retailers

Logistics automation for retailers

Improve cooperation between customers and suppliers by automating goods delivery, including inventory, shipment tracking, and communicating status changes to all stakeholders. Processica leverages best practices to automate your logistics processes.
Real-time notification feeds

Real-time notification feeds

Processica develops automated notification feed solutions to streamline your service communications, adjusting notification schemas for various situations (outage, system maintenance, transport delays, etc.) and launching specific communication workflows for target groups.
Staff messaging

Staff messaging

We offer a customized automated workforce notification service covering any number of situations including schedule and personnel changes, approaching deadlines, shift shortfalls, and notices to part-time staff. Receive feedback from your employees and easily collect data to obtain useful actionable insights.
Negotiation Scheduling

Negotiation Scheduling

Use Processica automation services to create workflows to automate event management, collect feedback from group participants, and easily organize events. Integrate notifications with polls, get faster approval for the time and date of your event, and send invitations.
Emergency alerts

Emergency alerts

With Processica automation services, you can implement custom alert workflows to inform your units and collect their responses with automatic panic-button alerts, building evacuation, 911 alerts, and more.
Omni-channel customer support

Omni-channel customer support

Implement omni-channel customer service communications as part of your company's BPM automation using Processica custom automation services.


Tech Stack

Ruby On RailsRuby On Rails
React NativeReact Native


How you benefit from custom automation service consulting and development
Improved efficiency

Improved efficiency

Increase your business process efficiency by reducing manual errors and increasing process speed.
No delays or downtime

No delays or downtime

Manage tasks more efficiently by escalating information directly to the relevant managers in the event of triggered actions.
Simpler collaboration

Simpler collaboration

Simplify your team’s communication and collaboration by implementing automated notifications and workflow alerts.
Faster completion rate

Faster completion rate

Improve task completion rate while reducing operational costs by implementing automation solutions.


Make your business fully transparent. Control stalled processes, properly allocate resources when and where you need them, and reduce workload imbalances.
Cost Saving

Cost Saving

Investing in business automation results in significant cost savings in other areas, like training for end-users and employees and system maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a business process and a workflow regarding automation?

Business processes are realized through workflows, which involve exchanging messages between services, passing information between apps, etc. Business processes are tasks undertaken by domain experts with little technical knowledge of their implementation who merely figure out an optimal way of managing their products, services, human resources, finances, etc.

What is workflow management?

Workflow management is about coordinating all the workflow tasks into a sequence that runs in your organization to drive better business results. These tasks are usually performed manually but can be automated with the help of workflow management software. The goal is to improve business processes by enhancing the way people do their work.

How can Processica streamline my business processes?

With Processica’s custom automation service, you can optimize your business processes by increasing your management efficiency with minimal human error, accelerating work through the automated sending of messages and notifications, assignment of tasks to responsible people, escalation of issues, and custom solutions tailored specifically to your particular business case.

What is project management automation?

It is a technological method for improving the efficiency of processes, requiring almost no human assistance and allowing you to complete basic project management tasks without personal intervention.

Why should I automate my project management?

By automating project management, you offload routine, time-consuming, administrative work from your employees so they can concentrate on more valuable tasks. Automation also reduces the human element in the processes, allowing for more predictable work results.

Can automation replace humans in project management?

Not fully and not soon. Although automation can perform many tasks more efficiently than people, project management involves certain elements of human input that software can’t assess, such as team morale or helping individuals to overcome their weaknesses. Automation is great for streamlining routine tasks and processes to free up time for more important activities, which results in greater overall efficiency. It also allows project managers to concentrate on improving their skills in strategy development, conflict resolution, digital literacy, stakeholder management, and not wasting time on minor tasks that can easily be automated.

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