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Use the full spectre of intelligent business automation solutions and custom software development services to burst your team's tasks, projects and workflows
  • Custom Business Process Automation
    Automate even the most complicated business process in our all-in-one platformLearn moreLearn MoreSelected Service
  • System Integration
    Integrate various business solutions in one place to manage all your processes more efficientlyLearn moreLearn More
  • Customer Support Automation
    Interconnect your customer support, ticketing and communication tools to minimize overall SLALearn moreLearn More
  • Sales Process Automation
    Automate sales process by creating smooth custom workflows at each lead nurturing stageLearn moreLearn More
  • Operations Management
    Connect various business systems in one platform and create highly customizable workflows Learn moreLearn More
  • Mobile Workforce Management
    Provide your employees with the right automation solution to enhance workforce management Learn moreLearn More
  • Custom Software Development
    Modify the platform up to your needs by ordering any extra components or professional servicesLearn moreLearn More
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Our Benefits

Make your business solutions and applications smoothly work together through our all-in-one platform. Automate any recurring tasks or processes where manual efforts can be replaced
Visibility and transparency
Visual processes modeling. Dashboard interface. Maps and geo-tracking
No-coding platform
Simple external systems integration and modifications. Easy workflows creation. Troubleshooting mechanisms
Ultimate flexibility
Compose workflows manually or via our pre-installed templates
Multilevel collaboration
Role-based access control with different levels of permissions
Instant feedback
Get instant feedback about your process status changes via highly customizable mobile app
Quality and consistency
Deliver reliable results and utilize resources effectively by reducing manual work impact
Visible execution results
Track results of any automated process set in the platform - Launched workflows, scheduled jobs, delivered mailings, etc.
Supporting any possible deployment options
On-cloud or on-premises deployment models, multi-tenant SaaS environments, AWS services, or your own option
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Use Cases

Increase growth, save time, save money and decrease workload for your business of any industry, any size, wherever repetitive actions involving series of predictable steps can be defined.
Mobile Workforce ManagementShift Roster ManagementEscalation TreesMass NotificationsYour own use case
01.Mobile Workforce ManagementOrganize the work process between dispatchers and mobile workers: tickets assignment, geo location and mapping, route tracking and ETA changes, providing and checking the deliverables, and more.
Selected Use Case


Processica solutions are applicable to wide specter of departments, businesses and industries. Make your business processes transparent and running smoothly like clockwork
Healthcare Section


  • Simplify scheduling process
  • Automatically process staff requests
  • Manage employee onboarding
  • Automate vendor qualification
  • Process operational expenditure requests

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