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Meet the team of uniquely qualified, highly motivated individuals – team “Processica”

Our company is our team – strong, enthusiastic, and reliable. We’ve been working together for many years, bringing to life cutting-edge software, infrastructure, cloud, and telecom products. We love technology and strive to apply its newest, most advanced creations to our customers’ practical needs.

The main purpose of technology is to make life simpler, more convenient, and more exciting. But the modern technological landscape is rarely simple. In fact, it has become way more complex over the last decade, bringing us some amazing building blocks—the cloud, APIs, ML, AIs, and more. But navigating through this sophisticated terrain requires not only practical expertise, but also a fondness for self-education plus the ability to keep up with lightning-fast developments in the technology domain. You need to be really passionate about technology if you want to achieve maximum efficiency.


We have that passion, and we’re extremely proud of what we do. Our platform is specifically designed to automate and simplify business processes of varying complexities. Achieving the required user-facing simplicity is no easy task. We employ incredibly sophisticated product management along with advanced architectural and implementational methods so that users can easily and intuitively model complex business processes and data analysis.

We live in a time of content overload. Buried under an avalanche of e-mails, text, and chat messages: our attention constantly distracted, our productivity in decline. We know deep down that sending yet another e-mail notification is no longer enough. Instead, “smart” notifications that really engage recipients are the ones that will prevail in customer support, marketing, sales, and other areas. Our platform does exactly that, that’s why we proudly calling it “communication-oriented”.


All our solutions, either platform-based or custom-developed, are backed by our multiple years of shared experience in technology, communications, and infrastructure. Innovations are only practical if they engage with people who have a practical use for them in everyday life, which is why our strategic focus is on being a user-centric company.

And we would like to invite you to share the journey with us. If you are an end-user, integration partner, re-seller, technology provider, or technology aficionado. We will bring you efficient solutions and new revenue streams, and we’ll always hear your voice. Our ultimate goal is not only to build a customer base, but also to create a community of companies and people that share our enthusiasm, drive, and passion for technology.


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