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Our company – is our team – strong, enthusiastic, reliable. We are working together for many years brining to life cutting edge software, infrastructure, cloud, and telecom products. We love technology, always striving to apply its best, newest creations to practical needs of our customers.

Main objective for technology is to make our lives more convenient, exciting and simpler. But the modern technological landscape itself is not always simple. In fact, it got way more complex over the last decade. It brings amazing us building blocks such as cloud, APIs, ML, AIs and others, but navigating through such sophisticated technological terrain would require not only practical expertise, but a constant drive to self-education and ability to stay on top of the everchanging, lightning fast technology domain. You need to be really passionate about technology in order to achieve the ultimate efficiency.

We are very and proud about what we are doing. Our platform is specifically designed to automate business processes of various complexity, and we do it in the most efficient, easy to its users way. User-facing simplicity is never easily achieved. It required very sophisticated product management, architectural and implementational efforts to enable users with an ability to model complex business processes and data analysis with the simplest, intuitive way. Making complex processes easy to model and manage – is a fundamental paradigm of our approach. And another cornerstone – is smart communication.

We live in the time of content overdose. Buried under the avalanche of e-mails, text and chat messages our attention is getting scattered, our productivity sinks. We strongly believe that sending another e-mail notification - may not a perfect fit anymore. Instead “smart” notifications that really getting its recipient engaged, - will prevail in customer support, marketing, sales and other areas. Our platform does exactly that, that’s why we proudly calling it “communication oriented”.

All our solutions, either platform based or custom development are based on our multi-year experience in the field of technology, communications and infrastructure. Innovator’s only way to be practical – is an efficient engagement with its audience, people who use the innovation practically, in their everyday life. That’s why we are strategically focusing on being a user-centric company.

And we would like to welcome you to share the journey with us. If you are end-user, integration partner, re-seller, technology provider or technology aficionado. We will bring you efficient solutions, new revenue streams, and will always hear your voice. Our end-goal is to build not only a customer base, but a community of companies and people that shares our enthusiasm, drive and passion for technology.

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