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    Are You Our Next Partner?

    In our mission to redefine recruitment, we strategically aim to partner with a wide array of industry leaders in the HR technology and recruitment software landscape. Our partnerships are meticulously chosen to ensure that together, we provide an unparalleled recruitment experience.
    We are looking forward to partner with:

    Talent Acquisition and Management Solutions

    • Talent Acquisition Platforms
    • Talent Management Systems
    • Human Capital Management Solutions

    Recruitment and Hiring Platforms

    • Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)
    • Hiring and Recruiting Software
    • Candidate Management Systems

    Specialized Recruitment Technologies

    • Interview and Screening Automation Tools
    • Talent Rediscovery and Sourcing Automation

    Digital and Virtual Recruitment Solutions

    • Online and Mobile Recruiting Platforms
    • Video Recruitment and Online Interviewing Platforms
    • Virtual Hiring Event Software

    HR and Recruitment Ecosystem Enhancements

    • HR and Recruitment Technology (HRtech/Rectech):
    • Hiring Tools Integrations
    • Collaborative Hiring Platforms

    Are you ready to revolutionize your recruitment process with cutting-edge AI?

    Join forces with our AI expertise to boost your pre-qualification process and secure top talent effortlessly

      Why Partner with US?

      Our partnerships are not just about integration; they're about creating synergies that drive innovation, efficiency, and success in the recruitment domain

      Exclusive Competitive Advantage

      Differentiate your offerings with our state-of-the-art AI pre-screening voice bot, ensuring you stand out in the competitive HR tech market.

      Enhanced Recruitment Process

      Deliver a fully automated candidate qualification system to your clients, streamlining their hiring process from start to finish.

      Attractive Partner Pricing

      Benefit from our exclusive partner pricing, enabling you to offer cost-effective, high-value solutions to your clientele.

      New Revenue Streams

      Unlock new financial opportunities.

      Hassle-Free Integration

      Rely on our expert support for a smooth integration process, ensuring your platform is enhanced without disrupting your operations.

      Advanced Features for Modern Recruitment

      Offer your clients cutting-edge features like efficient time management, comprehensive candidate assessments, technical skill evaluations, and interview summarization, setting a new standard in recruitment excellence.

      How Our Partnership Works

      Embark on a seamless journey of innovation and growth with our AI Voice Recruitment Bot. Our partnership is designed to enhance your recruitment processes, ensuring efficiency and precision.
      Here's how our collaboration unfolds:

      Integration of AI Voice Recruitment Bot

      Effortlessly integrate our cutting-edge AI Voice Recruitment Bot into your existing HR systems. Our plug-and-play solution ensures a smooth transition, with minimal disruption to your daily operations.

      Streamlined Onboarding

      Receive comprehensive set up assistance for your team to maximize the potential of our AI Recruitment Bot.

      Flexible Revenue Sharing

      Embark on a partnership built on trust. Our clear and straightforward revenue-sharing agreements mean no surprises, just a mutually beneficial relationship.

      Ready to transform your recruitment process?

      Streamline your candidate pre-qualification, ensuring unparalleled recruitment efficiency with Prescreen AI.
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