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Automate real-time communication with your recipients via SMS blast workflow.

Deliver urgent notifications, critical real-time updates, marketing offers or any other information using fully managed automated SMS distribution workflow.

Utilize our SMS with reply function to achieve maximum efficiency when communicating with your audience.


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SMS is the most spam-protected way of distributing messages with the highest likelihood that they will be both delivered and read – typically as a top priority – because, as a reserved channel, SMS is generally uncongested.

However, it needs to be handled with an extra degree of caution on the part of the distributor because recipients will be a lot less forgiving if they’re unhappy with the way you distribute the content.

In order to maximize the recipient's interest when messages arrives, our solution focuses primarily on minimizing both the amount of information sent and the number of attempts made to send it.

In addition to standard SMS delivery, we support SMS-with-reply; whereby, as part of your information distribution, you can communicate with each one of your recipients via a type of chat. This unique feature also allows you to maximize your approach to personalization while minimizing the unnecessary repetition of messages.

As with all our automatic workflows, our SMS blast solution is a completely independent, back-endless, no-code implementation that you can execute and manage directly in your Microsoft O365/Azure environment. Our solution comes with the following direct benefits:
One of the most robust, efficient and interoperable

One of the most robust, efficient and interoperable

contact management features available
Fastest delivery speed.

Fastest delivery speed.

Send thousands of SMSs in minutes
Instant delivery status and reporting.

Instant delivery status and reporting.

Presentation of granular information about messages that recipients have received, read, and replied to
Templates for SMS and MMS.

Templates for SMS and MMS.

Despite being textual, templates are quite useful. Particularly for MMS with graphics
International delivery.

International delivery.

No restrictions (neither technical nor financial) on global SMS distribution. Take advantage of low international rates
Robust, efficient message content approval mechanism.

Robust, efficient message content approval mechanism.

Never send wrong info again. Easy-to-set-up approval process works efficiently for individuals or organizations.
We never charge for number of contacts, number of executions or anything else apart from SMS deliveries.

Being fully hosted on O365/Azure allows you to unlock a significant number of apps you can seamlessly integrate with. Enhance your SMS distribution with data management, dynamic content, chatbots, billing and many other functions. No coding required!


We are one of the first organizations to integrate SMS distribution with Microsoft TEAMS. Integration unlocks the next levels of efficiency when working with SMS delivery and combining it with the power of one of the industry's most popular collaboration platforms.

Native integration with TEAMS means:

Efficient collaboration in the preparation, approval, execution, result gathering, and analysis of SMS blasts.
Instant access and utilization of MS O365 resources and functions, such as Office, SharePoint, Power BI and many more
Integration with thousands of 3rd-party apps available in TEAMS and O365
One-click access to voice/video channel to engage with your team members and recipients.

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